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Analysis of Application Instance
Analysis of Application Instance for Environmental Air Cooler
Application of Environmental Air Cooler in High-temperature Plant
I.Survey of Project:
1. There is an area of 3500 square meters in a certain electronic-factory plant in GuangDong , which is 3.5 meters high and accommodates 800 workers. Temperature in plant is about 40 in summer. Air sanitary condition gets too bad because of the post with a dense crowd and strong odor and smog emitted from furnace for soaking stannum. Too hot or lacking oxygen lead to the case that workers under that condition often fall in a faint, which increases accident expenditure. Though there are a lot of fans or ventilators fitted in the plant, it is useless to improve quality and oxygen content of the air. The company purposed setting up traditional air condition system. It has been estimated that electric cost on each working day (12 working hours) was 2304 Yuan RMB on the refrigeration design of 1 horsepower per 15 sq. meters (1horsepower per 15 square meters). The company has to cancel plan of setting up compressor air condition system on factory for running fare is so expensive and it still has no solutions about indoor sanitary condition.
II.Feasible Solutions Provided by Environmental Air Cooler:
According to actual condition of the electronic-factory, we set up 40 environmental air cooler (model: KLF-18A2), wind rate for each air condition is 18000 m3per hour and the total of wind rate is 720000 m3per hour. Hanging height of air blast orifice is 2.5 meter. Ventilative time in factory is 60 times per hour and air blast speed is about 5 meter per second. After the air conditions put into service, it takes good effect on ventilation and indoor thermoregulation.
The actual measurement data when air condition running is following on table:
Weather Condition Fine Fine Fine Flurry Fine Fine Cloudy Fine
Outdoor Temperature() 32 32 33 28 30 31 30 34
Indoor Air Blast Orifice Temperature () 26 25 25 24 25 26 26 26
Difference in outdoor/indoor temperature() 6 7 8 4 5 5 4 8
Relative Humidity 52% 56% 52% 80% 60% 62% 72% 50%
After environmental air cooler fitted and put into service, air quality in plant was improved remarkably. When it is hot outdoor, temperature inside the plant still can de reduced about 8 by the air cooler and the air sanitary problems in the plant can also be solved by 60 ventilative times per hour.

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